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You cannot progress or evolve in your life unless some type of change takes place. So what therefore, is change you might ask? Well, I think change is a person's ability to engage with life challenges, and also, their ability to consciously create something new from the experience and challenges presented. A something new which holds the potential and power embedded within it, to change their current reality, into a new one. A new reality created from those same challenges which the person, up to now have been avoiding. A process of you having power over the challenge rather than the challenge having power over you. A learning process of transmutation and alchemy, with you starring as alchemist in the leading role.

 "The Livingwheel System for Managing Change" is based on my own life experience, and my resistance to embracing change. It consists of a 9 stage model which assists you in identifying what stage you are currently in, in your process of change.

The Livingwheel System

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