About Me

Writing about other topics of a spiritual nature I find much easier than actually writing about myself. However, here goes! My name is Matthew, which contains 7 letters. I am the seventh child in a family of eight children. My birthdate is the 23rd day of February 1953 (7). My father whose name was also Matthew, was 43 (7) years of age when I was born. I experienced alcoholism and addiction for a period of 25 (7) years.

I spent 43 (7) nights in a therapeutic treatment centre for addiction. I have married twice and my daughter Alexandra is 17 years old. I also have four Sons. Alexandra was born in the 7th year of my relationship with her Mother and was born "prematurely" in the 34th (7) week of pregnancy. She is also the 7th child from two marriages. I am currently a single parent and have a dog named Molly. I live with my daughter and Molly beside the Atlantic Ocean in County Donegal, which is located at the Northwestern tip of Ireland.


I believe numeral 7 has been given to me as my personal guide, or global positioning system in this life. It guides me, I believe in its significance, and symbolism and that it acts as a signpost, both to, and for me, to follow on my journey of ascension.


I am a qualified addiction counsellor; I am also a spiritual life coach, assisting people in recovery from the darkness of addiction and the fear of embracing life changes, into the light of recovery experiencing a new life of light and hope. My life experiences have awoken me to communication. This entails raising awareness in people of where to look in their lives but not what to see, so that change and balance can enter their lives. "It's not what we experience, it's how we interpret the experience"


My first book "The Livingwheel System for Managing Change" is based on my own life experience, and my resistance to embracing change. The system is simple to use but powerful in use, thereby helping the operator become their own inspector of behavioural patterns which act as resistors/anchors to personal change. The theme of the system is that the universe communicates with us via our life experiences. Therefore working for us and not against us. As stated earlier it is not the experience, but in fact, it's our interpretation of the experience, which matters. On a spiritual level and symbolic interpretation, if it were not for a piece of sand, which is the source of aggravation within the oyster, a pearl would not be created. I am now in the process of writing my second book, the title of which is "The Pathway Of The Soul" and all going to plan will be available in July 2017.


So until we meet again, between the pages as words, wherever there is darkness on your fellow Souls, shine your light, and wherever there is conflict share your peace.