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About the System

The livingwheel system is a complete system for navigating change in your life. It consists of a Theory, a Model and a Tool all of which are designed to assist you navigate change while more importantly assisting you in raising your awareness as to why you resist or embrace your personal process of change. The learner workbook is not only your companion in identifying your resistors to change but also as a tool introspection, allowing you become the inspector of your own behaviour. The goal of which is to ultimately free yourself from the grips of your own resistance.

 I hold a qualification in psychology and addiction counseling, I am also a spiritual life coach, acting as a catalyst or accommodating factor in an individuals process of change. The fear of change or other underlying core beliefs are often the resistors which prevent people from embracing change, thereby leaving them feeling stuck and hopeless.

 In light of my own recovery from alcoholism, I now experience a new reality. A reality created from the debris of my old beliefs, self-defeating, and self-destroying behaviors. It was from these beliefs and experiences that the livingwheel System for Managing Change, was created.

 The Livingwheel System for Managing Change assists individuals in their change process. It also assists with the raising of personal awareness as to why we resist or embrace our personal change process, thereby creating balance, realignment and wholeness in our lives once more. "It's not what we experience, it's how we interpret the experience, which matters!