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The Universe works on the principle of never-ending change. It could be said, the only thing that doesn't change is the process that everything changes. Sometimes we witness change taking place on a minute to minute and daily basis. Sometimes we are unaware of the change process taking place, nonetheless, change is ongoing and constant even though we are unaware of its existence at that time. Some of the more noticeable changes are earthquakes, volcanoes and flooding, or even to the simplest of changes, whereby leaves falling from the trees, eventually, through a process of change and decay, become the necessary nutrients for the tree in producing new leaves in the springtime, an ongoing process of creation. So! it’s fair to assume that within a process of destruction or decay lies a process which facilitates newness or creation. Simplified “from destruction comes creation" is a natural and permanent process and universal law.


We humans are no different! And yet, we are different! We too are subject to the principles of change, as we belong to and are an integral part of our cosmic family. There is, however, a noticeable difference, and that is within the natural cycle of change in nature there seems to be very little resistance towards change. It seems to be an accepted dynamic necessary for the survival/development of our cosmic family and that everything embraces their individual process of change as a continuous state of becoming. We humans, on the other hand, tend to resist change. Change means action! Change means leaving our comfort zone! Change means uncertainty and leaving our world of predictability! Change means fear! fear of the unknown, fear of the what if's! while we remain anchored to our thinking and behaviors. 

 The "Livingwheel System for Managing Change" is a system which assists with the process of personal change. It assists with identifying personal anchors and repetitive cycles of return which are often the source of dis-ease and emotional pain in a person's life. 

It assists with raising personal awareness and identifying the reasons why we resist or embrace our individual and personal process of change. It allows us to become an inspector of our own behaviour. By identifying and becoming aware of these behaviours, we can now begin a process of change. A change which can free us from the negative self-defeating repetitive cycles and patterns of return, which up to now, have served us well and which we have relied upon as coping mechanisms. Those old behaviours which we have engaged with and relied on as coping mechanisms no longer have a role or serve us in a positive manner in our lives anymore. The reason why, is that we have changed! So from the destruction of our old behaviours based on our thinking, we have embraced a process of newness and change. We have created newness in our life and more importantly, we have created newness in ourselves! As death is the medium for new life, so too, the death of our old selves through different life experiences, are the gateways and mediums by which we give birth to our new selves. An ongoing and continuous process of becoming!