The Pathway Of The Soul

As I am a work in progress, the theme of my book is one of a journey. A journey, which unfolds as I walk the path. A path of uncertainty while at the same time a path of certainty. A similar journey to that of birth, death and rebirth. Only for the Soul, it is a journey over many lifetimes and certainly, over many experiences, the purpose of which is reunification and re-connection with its source!


Just as all things return to their source, the soul is also on a journey of return, a return to its source. How it does this is by way of the experiences it encounters, which are, I believe, predestined and managed by Cosmic timing while acting as stimuli, which assist with the souls awakening. This awakening leads to a state of awareness and from awareness to remembering, remembering what it is the Soul has forgotten, its connection to all things and purpose here on Earth. Whatever that purpose might be, perhaps it's reaching your fullest potential as a human being, perhaps it is your spiritual advancement, or perhaps it is to reach those just mentioned above, in giving service to human beings. I personally believe it is in the service of others that we find our true mission. A genuine willingness to help people in their most troubled times. Helping them back on the road with a listening ear, helping hand, hope and the belief that everything will work out in the best interest of all concerned while practicing patience in the process of divine timing.


It is a journey of reunification, by remembering what it is we have forgotten, and that is, our connectedness to all things, physical and cosmic. We are a cog in a cosmic mechanism of timing, patterns and cycles. A journey of ascension from the darkness of ignorance (forgotten knowledge) into the light of awareness and divine wisdom. A journey of self-discovery and the realisation of the self. A journey of discovery until we awaken as to who we really are, what our purpose within the cosmic mechanism of birth, death and rebirth, as we ascend to a higher vibrational frequency and return to the light. I am still a work in progress and still on that journey!


When we think of birth and rebirth, we are born into the physical or the “outside world”; however, our journey began from the inside. A journey from within to without. The creation of a new human being begins from the inside to the outside world. A seed breaks from the inside to the outside, allowing the seedling to grow upwards, and of course, an egg is cracked from the inside, allowing life to begin, while allowing light in from the outside world. The same could be said about us human beings, it is through the cracks the light gets in!


These symbols and much more, would suggest to me, that our own life and rebirth are a process of becoming, and are a journey from within, similar to those examples given earlier. Even to our thoughts come from within which manifest on the outside world


This brings me to creation! I believe I am a creation taking place as I live, grow, learn and experience. I am in a constant process of creating and recreating myself. My journey is one of creation not from start to finish (because there is none) but a continuous journey of unfolding and becoming. I'm a creation in the making! I am in the hands of the creator! And the creator is in my hands! I have no idea of what I might, might not, or will become. I have no idea of what experiences I will encounter as I unfold and develop through each experience. I am and ever-unfolding mystery of becoming in the hands of the creator. My journey is unlocked by way of the experiences. The experiences symbolising the keys which will unlock (over time) the memory of who I really am, while assisting me on my journey of ascension along my path. These experiences are an essential part of the process of memory and reunification. Should I choose to run away from the experiences, they will follow me as they are an integral part of my unlocking process, so that I can reach my divine purpose and awakening, in my all unique, and endless journey of becoming.


Each experience offers us the facility to rid ourselves of our old self and make way for a new creation. The death of our old self whether it be our thinking, our behaviour, to our relationships etc. allow for the new self to emerge, during and from this transition. An ongoing process of becoming. The shedding of the skin of the old thinking, behaviours, and relationships which no longer serve us, and our best interest, are given the opportunity for change via the new experience we encounter. They could also be viewed as "mini-deaths" and rebirth's as we shed the past in different ways, while moving into a new creation of ourselves.